Poopdie Switch, They Breathe & Chapter Two

Long time no see, but we have many news to share.
First of all Poopdie on Nintendo Switch is a reality, currently available for preorder with 20% discount, will be released on June 25th. We have reworked it, to be a premium game, so no in-app purchases except for future Chapters. So far testers report it plays great with analogue sticks, so  we are curious what you will tell. Feel free to reach us out and tell what you thoughts are.

Also, we teamed up with great guys from Sweden – The Working Parts to bring their underwater indie classic, They Breathe to Nintendo Switch. It has not only been completely remastered, but features a new co-op mode as well. Personally we love this game and hopefully you going to share this feeling.

We want to confirm that Poodpie Chapter 2: Blind Man from the Swamp is still under development. We won’t be able to hold up with original Q2 release date, but hopefully delay won’t be too long. We are working on things like Buttgoblins, Mashpoops, Poopgrades on a daily basis in hope of sharing this wonderful part of the Kingdom fo Grounds asap.

Stay safe in these weird times,
Szymon & Artur, Bulbware