Poopdie Switch, They Breathe & Chapter Two

Long time no see, but we have many news to share.
First of all Poopdie on Nintendo Switch is a reality, currently available for preorder with 20% discount, will be released on June 25th. We have reworked it, to be a premium game, so no in-app purchases except for future Chapters. So far testers report it plays great with analogue sticks, so  we are curious what you will tell. Feel free to reach us out and tell what you thoughts are.

Also, we teamed up with great guys from Sweden – The Working Parts to bring their underwater indie classic, They Breathe to Nintendo Switch. It has not only been completely remastered, but features a new co-op mode as well. Personally we love this game and hopefully you going to share this feeling.

We want to confirm that Poodpie Chapter 2: Blind Man from the Swamp is still under development. We won’t be able to hold up with original Q2 release date, but hopefully delay won’t be too long. We are working on things like Buttgoblins, Mashpoops, Poopgrades on a daily basis in hope of sharing this wonderful part of the Kingdom fo Grounds asap.

Stay safe in these weird times,
Szymon & Artur, Bulbware

Your farts have been listened. Poopdie is coming to Apple & Tiny Adventures

Hi guys,
We are happy to announce that Poopdie is coming to iOS. Apple Review Board has seen your tweets and read many articles in media (like this one, Polygon) and decided eventually, that game is not too crude, nor ‘oversaturated’. So… here it is.

Apart from that we want to thank your for thousands of messages and remarks how to improve the poopcrafting experience. Since the release we tried to answer this call and we managed to release updates on almost daily basis.

Today we are changing Poopdie version to “..5” and here is a list of most important things we changed since the initial release:

Black void issue fixed.
Stuck-in-a-wall issue major fix.
Plants are regrowing to allow farming.
Final Boss reworked in many aspects (nerfed, recognizable patterns).
Fixed issues with unresponsive Spikeys.
Pooslug Village nerfed.
Objective markers always point to the right location.
Poop counter shows good number when your friends die.
Tiny Adventures beta (for Android).
Redeem Code functionality to restore lost progress or resources.
Many, many minor fixes.

If you have any remarks regarding Tiny Adventures or you have idea for an interesting feature, please join our Discord or hit us up at If you have some issues, lost your save file please use the same address.

Currently we need to regain some strength so we are switching to Christmas Shutdown. We will be back on 2nd of January 2020. Our plan for January is to add those features:
– Joystick controls
– Cloud save feature

At the same time we will be preparing Tiny Adventure – Grosswold’s Basement and, obviously, Chapter 2: Blind Man from the Swamp.

Hopefully Poopdie will become a game you always wished to play while seated on the ‘porcelain throne’.

Thanks for all your support! May you poopcraft some great miracles this Christmas!

Artur & Szymon, Bulbware

You can wishlist Poopdie for Steam (PC&Mac) here. 😉

Too Poopy for Apple

Dear gamers,

It is important day in Bulbware’s history as we’re launching our new game with Pewds. Poopdie is officially out today (12-12-19)!

It is available for free download here:


Apple …

Unfortunately  Apple seems to be disgusted by Poopdie and his army of little Troops. Small wormy got rejected and here is answer that we received:
‘[Poopdie has] crude imagery and sound effect which may disgust users.’ so it not complies with Apple guidelines.

We are currently during the appeal to the Apple Review Board and plan to reach a settlement. C’mon Apple! We have received hundreds of iOS users’ requests who are eager to start pooping!

Have a happy Poop Day!