Poopcrafting with Pewds

Long time no see. Although we have a good explanation as you might know.
We are busy with creating Poopdie with Pewdiepie, and are willing to spill our guts to create best poopcrafting experience possible. This is our second collaboration with Felix (after Bulb Boy), and we are glad that thanks to you we can continue our journey together.

Here is our little reveal teaser just to remind it:

We started to work on Poopdie in March 2017 and we went into development head-on. This time around we decided that our game will be colorful (in Bulb Boy case that was only green) and full of fantasy creatures. We want to keep same kind of humor but utilize different game mechanic.

So you might want to check out tiny sneak peek of encounter with Buttcher demon in the dungeons:

It still little too early to say anything about release, however we want to assure you we don’t want to release the game prematurely.

We are going back to creating monsters, items, shops, quests and weird characters (including some happy poops). We hope you are excited as much as we are!

May light shine upon you,
Szymon & Artur